Saturday, June 11, 2016

There Must Be a Rift in the Space Time Continuum !


Someone used a stun gun somewhere on the Earth's underbelly and apparently now we have a rift in the fragile space time continuum.


 Something happened this week which made me wonder if we are witnessing a true and cataclysmic breach in the space time continuum.   It's not that I dislike Roseanne Barr. I think she is a brilliant comedienne. She has keen observation skills, great comedic timing, and her show showed us aspects and dynamics of the American family not shown to us on other programs. I have no doubt that she is a highly intelligent woman. However, I generally don't agree with her take on politics. Why would I?  She has been a long term comedienne, producer, director, stand up comic, comedy writer etc. and I have been a nurse and a college instructor. We have lived very different lives in very different places, and no one who is even reasonably intelligent expects everyone to think exactly as we do.  However, this is what happened this week.  Roseanne Barr made a statement in which she endorsed the election of Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican residential candidate. When she did, she said that America would be lucky if Trump won (the presidency) because then "we wouldn't have Hillary". She clearly opposed the election of Hillary because "the rule of law matters".

               I can't vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances. I will likely need to vote for Mr. Trump simply to block the possibility of electing Mrs. Benghazi who violated the law by hiding her e-mails from her employer the State a private server contrary to law.

                Could the world be so fractured, so up ended, so toasted that I am on the same political side as Roseanne Barr ? I too think that Mr. Trump wouldn't do anything to  hurt America, where the team we presently have seems to make a habit of it.

                It must be a mammoth time warp....


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