Thursday, October 13, 2016

I Cannot Recollect Such a Contentious Election


Photo: Science Daily

   My parents had a rule in that they did not discuss politics or religion in public. Of course, they discussed various aspects of both with friends, but not in public places within the earshot of others.  I used to think their stance was excessive, but now, I am thinking how bright and wise they both, in fact, were.

                This week, in numerous public places people have begun arguing with one another regarding Trump and Hillary Clinton.   Clinton supporters can't believe that others would be in total support of a man they think is a racist and anti-woman, and some Trump supporters can't believe that others would be in support of a woman who sold influence during her tenure as Secretary of State, allowed State Department employees and a diplomat to be killed when no aid was sent to them in Benghazi, and who illegally used a private server to keep her state department e-mails from the prying eyes of government oversight.  In many places such arguments have become insulting, loud and progressed to fist fighting. Police have been called.

               Yes, it's a crucial election.  With the US in 20 trillion dollars in debt, and with Russia actually verbalizing that gearing up for war against us, people are on edge and they are less than rational.

                Do as much research on these people as you can.  Then make your decision. Keep your mouth shut while you are doing it, and this includes pollsters too.  Your choice is a private one, and your car shouldn't be torched for it, and increasingly, it could be.